A Celebration of Family, Friends and Food

So I figured it was time to start my own blog.  I am grateful to my sister for her letting me hijack her blog for the last few months, but it is time to step out on my own. I chose the name Sundays at Lark because it has special meaning. My husband and I call our home Lark, and our goal has always been to host a big open house for all our family and friends on Sundays. They can wander in and out as their schedules suit them and there will always be something good cooking, or we will try new recipes together. The wine will be flowing and we can relax out on our decks. My three year old will be running around like a mad man, asking anyone who passes by to come hunt for dinosaurs or dig with his trucks in the yard. We haven’t yet made this happen every Sunday, but I am proud of the fact our home is where my friends like to congregate, whether it be for a Friday night “Downton” marathon or a random Tuesday night of wine drinking and deep conversation or a Saturday afternoon when someone stops by to raid our enormous avocado tree or pick greens from our garden.

I am inspired every day by the online food community.  By the beautiful photos and stories and by the recipes that I know have not only been tested but eaten and enjoyed.  I am excited to be joining this world – to share the pleasure of discovering and trying new recipes, not to mention creating recipes of my own, especially with ingredients from my garden. As I become a part of this online conversation, I hope that my own photographs and meals will inspire you, just as yours have inspired me.

View from Lark at sunrise

View from Lark at sunrise

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